In times of calamities, our volunteers are amongest the first to arrive and the last to leave.

Relief Work in Morbi Flood Disaster (31524 bytes)

Reconstruction & Rehebilitation of village Samudraal (29406 bytes)

Scientific Cattle Camps (32962 bytes)

Free Food Distribution (35967 bytes)

Free Clothes Distribution (31515 bytes)

Famine Relief Work

In the fearful famine of 1987, the Sanstha organised 4 scientific cattle camps, distributed 31,295 tons of hay, 12,757,000 litres of  buttermilk, 284 tons of food grains, thousands of food packets and tons of clothes. Free food centres were opened. Financial aid was given.
Earthquake Relief Work
During the earthquake in Maharashtra in 1993, hundreds of volunteers and truck-loads of supplies were rushed. The entire village of Samudraal was adopted and reconstructed. In total, 600 houses, nurseries, schools, dispensaries, water tanks, public places, gardens, religious centres, cemeteries and roads were built. 160 tons of food, 26,000 pieces of clothing, 5,000 utensils and 2150 jobs were provided free of charge.
Flood Relief Work
During the Morbi floods, death and decay was cleared and free food centres were opened. Relief work was done during the floods that  affected Jamnagar, Ghed, Rajkot, Surat and Kheda districts. Free food packets were distributed in large quantities. Financial aid was given to the affected people of Andhra's tidal wave floods and Uttarakhand's earthquake victims.
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