A pure peaceful life, free from aggression and addictions, filled with values and virtues.
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So that boys and girls, men and women lead a morally pure life, filled with values and virtues; a life free from drugs, alcohol, tobacco, crime and violence, the Sanstha has awakened a new consciousness on a global level.

  • More than 1700 youth centres and 2300 children centres regularly reach and touch thousands of youngsters.

  • A climate in which character, intelligence, virtues, talents, fitness, and spiritual consciousness can flourish is created through: lectures, seminars, stories, audio visuals, dramas, yoga, music, crafts, folk dances, rhymes and games.

  • Student and leadership training camps set ablaze in them the fire of service and sacrifice, devotion and dedication.

  • Special camps and conventions for girls and women concentrate on inspiring the ideals of pure womanhood.

  • The Sanstha organises majestic child and youth conventions and  holds healthy competitions of their proficiency in arts crafts and talents at local, national ane international levels.

  • Whether it is the weekly assembly or the annual convention, all members, young and old, enhance the quality of their lives and help raise the standard of morality an spirituality of their family friends and the society they live in.

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