Mass awareness and action are generated through powerful Campaigns.

A de-addiction camp (35608 bytes)

Literacy Campaign (34448 bytes)

Planning National Campaigns (34665 bytes)

Plant a Tree Campaign (36961 bytes)

Dowry-free Mass Marriage (37932 bytes)

Through effective co-ordination of sadhus, volunteers, scientific systems, exhibitions, publications and personal attention, all campaigns have attained great success.

Ecological Campaign
Over a million trees have been planted and adopted in hundreds of villages. Well recharging programmes have reclaimed over 6,000 dry wells. In London, more than 7 million aluminium cans were collected for recycling.
De-addiction Campaign
Thousands are de-addicted in the annual de-addiction camps, motivated by books, exhibitions and personal attention. Over 100,000 people quit addictions in the '85, '92 and '95 camps.
Literacy Campaign
The Sanstha has helped the Government to achieve a 100% literacy rate in the villages of Bhavnagar. It has carried Literacy Campaigns to Kheda and other districts also.
Family Assembly Campaign
Over 20,000 Family Assemblies (Ghar sabha) have been inspired, wherein all the family members daily sit together for half an hour to pray to God, discuss the day and understand each other.
Anti-Dowry Campaign
Dowry-free mass marriages have helped thousands of couples. Over 20,000 youths have pledged never to take dowry.
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